BCN Checkpoint

In 2006, the association Projecte dels NOMS-Hispanosida created BCN Checkpoint, a European community center for HIV and other sexually transmitted infection (STI) detection aimed at gay men and other men who have sex with transgender individuals. Its purpose was to address the impact of HIV and promote sexual health. In 2017, the same organization established BCN PrEP Point, a project specializing in HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis.

Since its inception, BCN Checkpoint has maintained a close collaboration with the Fight Infections Foundation. This relationship has allowed both entities to cooperate on various research projects over the years and combine efforts to provide a wide range of services.

Currently, the center is a collaborative project involving Projecte dels NOMS-Hispanosida, the Fight Infections Foundation, the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital, and the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS).

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Approximately 9,000 people utilize our services each year

The center pioneered the introduction of HIV testing in non-clinical settings

Recognized by the WHO, UNAIDS, and the ECDC as a reference center in Europe


HIV Testing

At BCN Checkpoint, we offer rapid, confidential, and free HIV detection tests. The procedure is as simple as a painless finger prick, and results are provided in just 20 minutes.


BCN Checkpoint provides a free and confidential hepatitis A and B vaccination program. Free vaccination for human papillomavirus (HPV) is also available for individuals aged 26 and under with the Catalan health card (CatSalut).


The center offers PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), a tool for HIV prevention.

Currently, BCN Checkpoint is the first center in Spain with 3,000 users receiving PrEP.

Psychological Support / ChemSex BCN

Checkpoint offers a psychological support program for individuals going through challenging situations. This service takes place in a safe and trusting environment with the support of a professional team consisting of two psychologists and a psychiatrist.

Additionally, a specialized program for ChemSex support is available within this service.

Other Tests and Services

The medical team at BCN Checkpoint can also diagnose and treat other sexually transmitted infections (STIs):

· Rapid syphilis testing
· Chlamydia detection and treatment
· Gonorrhea detection and treatment
· Hepatitis C detection
· Counselling and support services for individuals affected by HIV


Michael Meulbroek

Founder President

Ferran Pujol


Anton Brusov

Service facilitator

Federico Caballero


José Miguel Cabrera


Jorge Calderón


Albert Dalmau

Head of Epidemiology and Statistics

Lisandro Enrique

Service facilitator

Manel Escolà


Mario Escuder


Javier Fernández


Antonio Gata


Daniel Jacobs

Service facilitator

Javier Juárez

Service facilitator

Rubén López

Service facilitator

Mariusz Lucejko

PrEP Point Doctor

Patricia Macedo

Service facilitator

Giovanni Marazzi


Didac Masdeu

Service facilitator

Adrià Mendoza

Doctor and Researcher

Eric Muñoz


Willy Peña

Service facilitator

Félix Pérez

Studies Coordinator

Joan Reguant


Mario Ristovski

Service facilitator

Àngel Rivero

PrEP Point Doctor

David Rovira

Service facilitator

Jorge Saz

General coordinator

Francesc Soler

Head of communication

Javier Sotomayor


Héctor Taboada

Head of administration

Daniel Tous

Service facilitator

Sebastián Vargas