We are committed to equal opportunities and offer the necessary resources to continue moving towards an inclusive and non-stigmatising society →

We fight for equality and diversity

At the Fundació Lluita contra les Infeccions, we are firmly committed to equality and the real diversity of people (formal, treatment and of opportunities).

We bring this commitment to life through a specific plan that includes 18 actions that will be implemented over a period of 4 years (2022-2026) and that will be reviewed monthly to ensure they are being carried out correctly.


Equality between people is a constitutional principle recognised in various international texts and commitments on human rights.

People are our priority, all of them, without differentiating by gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic group, religion, ideology, age, disability or any other preference they may have.

Equality does not mean that all people are to be the same or that we must eliminate all differences, but rather that we eliminate any inequality.


Diversity is a unique characteristic of human beings and is related to fairness and inclusion for everyone. At the Foundation, we are committed to ensuring that the entire team feels represented and respected.

We consider diversity to be a source of wealth that always has a positive effect.


With the aim of ensuring this quality and diversity, we propose a plan that includes 18 specific actions that are framed within the following main lines of action:

• Culture and leadership
• Training
• Work-life balance and co-responsibility
• Non-sexist communication and language
• Gender violence
• Prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment
• Prevention and working conditions
• Selection, recruitment and promotion
• Payroll audit

Equality Agents

At the Fundació Lluita contra les Infeccions, we also have two people trained as equality and diversity agents who ensure the implementation of the proposed action plan.

They are in charge of promoting, managing and evaluating projects, taking into account equal opportunities in the different areas and professional scenarios of the Foundation. 

Their main role is, therefore, to guarantee equal opportunities at the Foundation.


Data on gender diversity at the Foundation

Data subject to the 2022 Equality Plan

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