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Now we are better prepared to face a new pandemic

Now we are better prepared to face a new pandemic

On November 30, we gathered 400 people at the International Convention Center in Barcelona. The objective was to share our knowledge with the population interested in knowing what the infections of the future will be.

Dr. Bonaventura Clotet and the researchers who lead the 6 areas of knowledge of the Fundación Lucha contra las Infecciones offered answers to many of the questions that infectious diseases are raising today:

– Evolution of existing infections
– Challenges of HIV today
– Excessive increase in STIs
– Affecting resistance to antibiotics
– Persistent covid
– Favoring the appearance of infections from other countries

The entire team of medical researchers responded to these great questions that, without a doubt, worry the population and, even more so, having experienced first-hand the rawness of a pandemic like that of covid-19. In fact, one of the conclusions that the researchers made clear is that after covid-19, the teams that lead human health are better prepared to face a new pandemic thanks to the accumulated experience and the international work links that are have generated since then.

The event was excellently conducted by the journalist Helena García Melero who was in charge of pointing out the different issues to be resolved.

The meeting concluded with the help of comedian Carles Sans who put a festive touch on the event.


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