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We celebrate the Second Training Day as a Center of Excellence in HIV and Aging

We celebrate the Second Training Day as a Center of Excellence in HIV and Aging

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and aging are two topics that are increasingly interconnected due to advances in the treatment of this infection that have allowed people with the virus to live longer and healthier lives. However, these people have an increase in comorbidities associated with the systemic inflammation caused by the virus and aging itself, as well as toxicities associated with antiretroviral treatment.

As with other chronic diseases, the management of these people is complex and requires comprehensive attention with a multidisciplinary approach, in which the specific characteristics of this group are considered to improve their quality of life.

HIV and Aging

Since a decade ago, the Fight Infections Foundation has a consolidated line of research, led by Dra. Eugenia Negredo, focused on studying aging in HIV patients. The projects carried out, the findings made in this matter and the articles published have had a great national and international impact, positioning the group as a reference in the matter.

To be able to attend to the needs of these people in a multidisciplinary way, a specific care circuit has been created that includes medical visits, social assistance and psychological and nutritional monitoring, among others.
Currently, work is being done to be able to extend the comprehensive geriatric evaluation to more people with HIV over 50 years of age.

Center of Excellence in HIV and Aging

In 2023 the team and the entity were recognized as specialists in the research, treatment and care of people infected with HIV, receiving accreditation as a Center of Excellence in HIV and Aging by the Gilead Sciences program. The recognition as Center of Excellence in HIV and Aging positions us as a training center of reference with a crucial role in the fight against HIV and AIDS, since we help to improve the quality of life of infected people, promoting the prevention of transmission of the virus and contributing to the progress of research and the development of more effective treatments.

Second Training Day as a Center of Excellence in HIV and Aging

These days at the Fight Infections Foundation, a face-to-face, theoretical and, above all, practical training has been carried out on basic and clinical aspects of aging in HIV infection with more than 12 teaching hours spread over 2 days. The highly personalized training was aimed at a small group of medical professionals and researchers from hospital centers in Catalonia. This year, unlike the previous edition, the group has been even more reduced to be able to reinforce the practical training that has included the approach of clinical cases through the role playing technique.

The course was programmed with the purpose of putting the patient at the center of all interventions to guarantee healthy aging and a better quality of life. Thus, the training has addressed not only strictly medical aspects, but also social, psychosocial, functional, cognitive and geriatric aspects.

This workshop has been scientifically coordinated by Dra. Eugenia Negredo, head of the HIV section at the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital and researcher at the Fundación Lucha contra las Infecciones, has counted on the participation of experts from her team and regular collaborators.

The event will have a third edition in the month of October this year 2024 that will maintain the same line of content.

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