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Congratulate Sant Jordi with a postcard that heals

Congratulate Sant Jordi with a postcard that heals

The legend of Sant Jordi says that there was a terrible dragon that terrified the population. He had the ability to walk, fly and swim and with his breaths he poisoned the air.

In our fight against infectious diseases we have encountered many dragons to defeat, but this year we want to dedicate this Sant Jordi campaign to one that is perhaps going most unnoticed: the persistent COVID.

It is estimated that 10% of people who have passed COVID-19 have persistent COVID, a disease that makes it impossible to have a normal life. Thanks to research, we are getting closer to finding a treatment to cure them. For the Fundació Lluita contra les Infections this is a priority and we have taken very important steps in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

To be able to move forward even faster, we need to give visibility to this infection and invest even more in research. For this reason, this year we propose that everyone send a solidarity postcard from this application.

It’s very simple: you have to choose one of the three postcard models that we have made in collaboration with the illustrator Ester Parera. You will receive the chosen postcard by email so that you can share it with all the supportive people you want to wish a happy Sant Jordi. If you want, you can make a donation that will go 100% to our persistent COVID research projects.

We need you to fight the silent dragon of persistent COVID!

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