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The clothes you no longer use can save lives

The clothes you no longer use can save lives

The Covid-19 pandemic reminds us that infections are an inevitable risk to which we are all exposed and that the only way to combat it is through research.

Do you want to be part of our fight? From the Fight Infections Foundation we are promoting a solidarity clothing closet. The way to collaborate is by offering clothes that you no longer use or buying second-hand clothes from our solidarity closet. This campaign gives a second chance to clothing that is no longer used and, at the same time, offers a boost to our research, since the money collected from the garments sold, through the micolet platform, is entirely used to finance research projects to treat and cure people suffering from an infectious disease.

Do you want to buy solidarity clothing?

If you want to buy a piece of clothing from our solidarity closet, click the link.

Do you want to give your clothes?

You need to follow these steps:

1. Select a minimum of 20 items of clothing that you no longer use (they must be clean and in good condition).

2. You need to fill out this form and the micolet courier will pick up the pieces at the postal address you indicate.

3. A micolet courier will pick up your boxes as soon as possible.

4. All clothing collected in good condition will be put up for sale in

100% of the profits obtained from the campaign will go to the Fight Infections Foundation.

The future is uncertain and the fight continues!


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