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100 European specialists in HIV meet in Barcelona to update the latest clinically relevant knowledge

100 European specialists in HIV meet in Barcelona to update the latest clinically relevant knowledge

HIV Clinical Topics has now reached its 6th edition. This is the highest-level event in Europe for clinical updates on HIV, bringing together HIV specialists from across Europe. This gathering provides an update on the latest clinical practices in the field of antiretroviral treatment from a theoretical, practical, and interactive perspective in a region, Europe, where 40% of diagnoses are still made late.

Excellence in antiretroviral treatment directly impacts the effectiveness and tolerability achieved and the quality of life of individuals with HIV infection, as well as the optimization of disease treatment budgets. Since information evolves rapidly, it is necessary to regularly update clinical topics related to antiretroviral treatment strategies, drug choices, and all clinical aspects surrounding the disease.

Sixth edition of HIV Clinical Topics

This year, the sixth edition of HIV Clinical Topics took place at the Miró Foundation and brought together a hundred medical professionals primarily from Spain, Denmark, England, Italy, and Germany, among other countries. This meeting, which has now reached its sixth edition, intentionally maintains a limited format of 100 attendees to facilitate interaction and is accredited by the European Acreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®).

This edition of the HIV Clinical Topics conference featured 6 content blocks:

  1. Update on clinical science of HIV and the evolution of antiretrovirals
  2. Pipeline and upcoming developments in new treatments for HIV
  3. Clinical case discussions
  4. Specific issues related to sexually transmitted diseases and PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis against HIV)
  5. New viral infections and late HIV diagnosis, a persistently unmet need
  6. Clinical case discussions

As mentioned by Dr. Josep M. Llibre, coordinator of HIV Clinical Topics and researcher at the Foundation for the Fight Against Infections, this event brings together leading international experts with the aim of reviewing the most important clinical practices related to the treatment of HIV infection and related pathology.

The event was organized by FLS Science, a technical unit dedicated to the dissemination and transfer of knowledge in the medical and scientific field of the Fight Infections Foundation.

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